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Med Bulletins

Top Health Tips for 2013

#1 Be active: Check with your physician before starting an exercise routine, however, AHA recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity daily.

#2 Eat Smart: Eat a diet low in sodium and saturated fat, rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables. Enjoy a meal with your friends and family!

#3 Don’t smoke: If you do smoke, follow the advice of your physician to stop!

#4 Visit your physician: Know your risk factors, become familiar with your medical conditions, keep track of your “health numbers” (blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass index, glucose readings, healthy weight).

#5 Follow up: Follow up with procedures that your physician advises you to have done, such as colonoscopies, heart testing, skin cancer screening, eye testing, gynecology visits.

#6 De-Stress: Identify your stress triggers and attempt to control them. Some suggestions would be meditation classes, yoga classes, exercise or something simple like a walk with your pet! Do things that you enjoy, such as reading, visit with friends and relatives. Stop every once in a while and “enjoy life.”

#7 Listen to your Heart: Pay attention to warning signs and follow up with your physician if you are unsure. Educate yourself regarding the difference between signs a woman and man can have. Know the facts.

#8 Education: The more you know, the better prepared you will be to prevent, control and fight diseases. Evaluate your risk factors such as age, gender race/ethnicity, and family history.

#9 Be Happy: Be happy and enjoy your life and the people who surround you!