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Access Your Health Records and More

As a valued patient at IHP, you are provided access to your health records online, from any device you choose. This portal facilitates better communication with our clinic by providing convenient 24/7 access from anywhere. Our portal is a Medicare certified software application so it meets all of the rigorous privacy laws that protect our private information. Don't settle for anything less. Better healthcare means having control of your health records. Ask us how you can get started with Health Portal.
**For quick access to the Health Portal, CLICK ON the link icon on right side of the menu bar.**

My Patient Portal: Text

Accessing Your Patient Health Portal

This video will help you get started on your patient health portal once you request access from our patient services team. It's easy. 

Step 1: To request access, please call or email us during business hours and we can help you get started.

Step 2: You will receive an email from us that will give you instructions on how to sign-in.

Step 3: Sign-in and get started! 

My Patient Portal: Video
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